Emergency Complete Preparedness Kit
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Complete Emergency Preparedness Kit - Price Includes Shipping Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family's survival during an emergency. Especially developed for Costco members, this advanced survival kit was assembled with protection from a wide variety of emergency situations in mind. This complete kit contains items and tools that are recommended in the event of an Earthquake, Pandemic, Wildfire or Displacement Emergency. We hope it never happens, but it's always best to be prepared. The water filtration and purification system included is the most field and laboratory tested portable water filtration product in the world. This emergency filtration system is designed with Seychelle?s exclusive Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration technology, producing a filtering capacity of up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants for 100 gallons or more. It safely removes chlorine, PCE, microscopic pathogens (E-Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia), trihalomethanes, PCB, pesticides, heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper and aluminum), TCE?s and arsenic. In extreme cases, you can use flood water, swimming pools, stagnant pools of water, toilet tanks, levees, lakes, streams, ponds and reservoirs as a water source. Includes * 6 Days Food (60 Servings) for 2 Adults (Fuel source needed for cooking) * 15 servings of Oatmeal * 15 servings of Western Stew * 15 servings of Potato Soup * 15 servings of Cacciatore * Food is 100% Vegetarian with a 20 Year Shelf Life * Water Filtration System (100+ gallon capacity and 99.99% reduction) * Crank Flashlight/Radio/Cell Phone Charger * Survival Multi-Tool * 2 Qt. Pot w/lid; two 12 oz. cups w/lids * First Aid Supplies * Waterproof Matches * Emergency Blankets * Compass/Whistle/Thermometer * 2-N95 Safety Masks * 4 Ready-to-Eat Meals (No cooking required) * Duct Tape * Plastic Sheeting (100 square feet; 3mm thick) * 2 Nylon Ropes (20 feet each) * Tube Tent * Hygiene Kit * 4 Hand Warmers * 4 Water Pouches * 2 pairs Leather Work Gloves * Net Weight: 18 lbs. For best taste and nutritional value, use product before: 20 years of manufacturing date when stored at 60° F (16.6° C) 10 years of manufacturing date when stored at 70° F (21.1° C)
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Emergency Complete Preparedness Kit

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